Troubleshooting Tips for When Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect to WiFi

Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect to WiFi

The Ring Doorbell has become a standard for many homeowners in the era of smart home technology offering a practical means of keeping an eye on and safeguarding their property. Do not be alarmed if your Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect to WiFi. We’ll go over some troubleshooting techniques in this section to assist you get your device back online and operating properly.

Verify Your WiFi Connection:

  • Make sure your WiFi network is up and running before attempting more involved troubleshooting techniques.
  • To ensure that additional devices linked to the same network are operating properly check them.
  • If not your internet service provider (ISP) or WiFi router may be the problem.

Restart your router:

  • Occasionally brief malfunctions in routers might cause Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect to WiFi issues.
  • Frequently these problems can be fixed by power cycling your router.
  • The router only needs to be unplugged from its power source given a minute or two of waiting and then replugged.

Move Nearer to the Router:

  • Your Ring Doorbell may have trouble sustaining a steady connection if it is situated far from your WiFi router.  
  • After it’s linked you might think about moving the doorbell back to its starting location just make sure it stays connected.

Verify the Strength of Your WiFi Signal:

  • Poor signal strength can lead to Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect to WiFi problems even if your Ring Doorbell is within range of your WiFi network.
  • Check the signal strength where the doorbell is installed using a WiFi analyzer app on your smartphone.
  • To increase coverage if the signal is weak think about adding a WiFi range extender.

Check WiFi Network Compatibility:

  • Make sure your network satisfies the needs set out by the Ring Doorbell.
  • Since Ring devices do not support 5GHz networks it should be a 2.4GHz network.
  • Furthermore, as WPA and WPA2 security protocols are compatible with Ring devices find out if your network employs them.

Reset your doorbell:

  • Try resetting your Ring Doorbell to its factory settings if the aforementioned solutions haven’t worked to fix the Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect to WiFi problem.
  • Hold down the setup button on the device for approximately 15 seconds or until the front light begins to flash quickly.
  • By doing this you can restart the doorbell’s configuration process by wiping all of its data and settings.

Rejoin Your Ring Doorbell:

  • To rejoin your Ring doorbell to your WiFi network first reset the device and then proceed with the setup process in the Ring app.
  • Be sure you input the right WiFi credentials and adhere to any instructions the app may give you.

Update Firmware and App:

  • Make sure the firmware and the Ring app are the most recent versions for your Ring doorbell.
  • You can check the apprises through app or official web page

Examine for Interference:

  • Appliances or other nearby electronics that use the same frequency as your WiFi network may interfere with it making connectivity problems more likely.
  • Stay clear of such gadgets when using your Ring doorbell especially if they produce powerful electromagnetic signals.

Speak with Support:

  • Contact Ring customer service if you’ve tried every troubleshooting method and your doorbell is still not connecting to WiFi.
  • They can offer more support recommend further troubleshooting techniques or in the event that a replacement is required offer to help.

End thoughts

In conclusion having difficulties connecting your Ring Doorbell might be annoying but if you follow the correct troubleshooting procedures you can typically fix the problem and resume using your smart home security system. If you adhere to the previously mentioned advice, you’ll be prepared to handle any WiFi connectivity problems that may occur with your Ring doorbell.

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