Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

The contract and account will be cancelled if the terms and conditions are breached. The consumer has the option of using the portfolio of our technical support firm. It is provided “as is” and “as available.” Customers who pay membership fees can use our IT services. They can utilise this service via email or phone chat as well. We have the power to remove unlawful information from our company’s database. The client’s account can be deleted with this alone. Our technical support firm may work with other vendors and hosting partners to provide the various necessary services. Additionally, the clients must be informed of any unlawful material transfers. They must research the encrypted transmission of the services and maintain records in this regard. Transmission through many networks will be required for this. The customer will need to be aware of any adjustments or adoption of the new technical specifications for tying up networks and devices. For the incidental damages, our organisation is not liable.

Termination and Cancellation

The service will be terminated and the customer won’t be charged any time soon if a client cancels before the end of a paid-up month. The client’s data is preserved on a number of current servers in case there is ever a need. Account cancellation is optional and must be requested by the client. The account cancellation request will be acknowledged to the customer and forwarded to the account service manager. The account will be closed by our tech support staff if the consumer uses the illegal programme. Our technical support team may reject the services as a result of the illegal access. If the account is closed, there won’t be any access to PC services.

Ownership of the material and copyright

Any information that is not approved may be deleted by us ringcamlogn.com. The knowledge supplied to our company shall remain the property of that individual or a third party. In such cases, the copyrights won’t be our property.

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